Cozumel Cuisine

Hey, guys!  Hope all is well.  Two months into the new year and I am struggling with focus.  All these places I want to go yet there’s a career  I have yet to groom.  My solution: take it one day at a time and gratitude.  Bonding is also a priority.  So when my friend told me she was headed to Cozumel, Mexico for a few days.  I figured why not?!  I was exhausted working long hours including holidays since October.  Fact is I needed a break.

Although I packed my swimsuits, I never went swimming.  Now that I think about it, the weather was comfortable and a swim was hardly desired. I did eat! Thanks to the friendly people at my hostel, I bring you the “taste of Cozumel.”

Wet Wendy’s

The island is occupied with American “locals” or regulars.  This is their favorite spot and if you like your alcohol with slush, it will be yours too.


My order: Pineapple Margarita

Here’s our waiter creating the highly requested chocolate peanut butter margarita.

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Another reason it’s a hot spot is the live band.


COZ Coffee Roasting Company

Peanut butter coffee.  Enough said!  I made the mistake of ordering a breakfast sandwich.  I’d call it a kid’s size sandwich.  Go there for coffee only.



Burritos Gorditos

These guys gave me my money’s worth and it is inexpensive.  Whoo!  I scarfed it down too fast to take a pic.  I ordered the breakfast burrito with bacon. Enjoy!!!!


I love Italian and this restaurant upheld with great quality and service.  Our waiter said the lasagna is the popular dish.  The ambiance is classy and romantic.

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Ah Cacao

A Mexican chocolate chain for snack time and dessert.  The hot cocoa was good; though the cake was moist, I expected more cream.


La Mission

Hostel mate says it’s the least expensive lobster on the island $14-20.




Pina Colada + Strawberry


How have you been managing through your prioritizes?  Did you create a vision board?




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